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Is the LSP feature no longer supported?

Is the LSP feature no longer supported?

The CPAC-4-10F-C (“C” type) line card is the “i40e” driver. This driver is not included in the LSP support list below.


In the list, only the “ixgbe” driver of CPAC-4-10F-B (“B” type) supports the LSP function.
However, this line card is no longer used. (end of sale)

I tested the LSP function with a “C” type line card using the "i40e" driver and it worked.
However, because it is not on the official support list, it cannot be applied to the customer's network environment.

In bridge mode, LSP function is very important. (All competitors already support it.)

Does Check Point have any plans to support it?
Why not update the support list?

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What version/JHF?
R81.20 has updated NIC drivers, which may mean this feature will work there.
Otherwise, all I can suggest is an RFE with your local Check Point office.

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Does the CPAC-4-10F-C ("C" type) line card use the "ixgbe" driver in R81.20?

I tested it on R81.10 JHFA T110. The CPAC-4-10F-C ("C" type) line card compatible with current Check Point appliances uses the "i40" driver.

The line card of CPAC-4-10F-C ("C" type) was released a long time ago. And it is the only card available at this time. (“B” Type cards are no longer compatible and are no longer sold.) We have asked Check Point several times, but they will not update. We cannot tell our customers that we support the LSP feature because it is not on the support list.

This can also be an important reason why our customers choose other competitors. (Palo Alto, Fortinet, etc.)

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@Young_Wook_Choi  If this is still a requirement for you please speak with your local SE about opening an RFE to validate this with QA.

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