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Is that Possible to not follow recommend Mass Storage Device on open server?

We plan to install GaiA OS on 1 PowerEdge R640 .
On the following link recomanded Mass Storage Device is PERC H730P Mini .

But the server  is a bit different and we can not add the required PERC H730P Mini, only the PERC H730P can be used . My question is checkpoint GaiA unified security Operating System will work fine with PowerEdge R640 + PERC H730P (Not the mini version )?



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Recommend approaching your local CP SE to discuss the specifics further with Solution Center if you need an official statement.

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HCL is not a recommendation, it lists supported configurations. If you use something else, it will not be supported.

As @Chris_Atkinson mentioned, you can ask for the support of another Mass Storage Device through Solution Center, but it will take time. Before a positive result, you would be running an unsupported configuration, with all the implications.

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