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Is it possible to migrate certificate from the old GW to new one?

Hello,     Mayo Clinic Patient Portal

I have a one question. My customer is currently using a virtual GW as VPN GW, the VPN users have to authenticate themselves with a certificate. Now, customer wants to replace his GW with a new one, Is it possible to migrate the certificate from the old GW to the new one? Need help. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.  


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If both the new and old gateways are managed by the same management server, no export/import will be required.
If this is a standalone gateway that you're migrating to a different VM, you will need to use the migration tools to export/import the configuration to the new VM.

The gateway VPN certificate cannot be exported, so your users will be prompted for a new fingerprint on first connection.
You can eliminate this with: (and a way to deploy it like GPO).


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