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Is R80.10 Endpoint is supported for Sandblast Agent

Dear Team,

After gone though the release note, I was wonder with on point in E80.10 Endpoint security Management server.

Here its:

These Endpoint Security blades are NOT supported with R80.10 Management: URL Filtering, Capsule Docs, and SandBlast Agent blades (Anti-Bot, Forensics, and Threat Extraction and Threat Emulation).

Since R80.10 is the most latest version, Can you please let me know if there is any changes recently on it and what would be the reason behind it.



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Endpoint & Network Development are always a bit separate.

So while R80 was in development the status of Endpoint was not changed, that's why only E80.50 (hope I remember correctly) features are supportet on R80/R80.10 management.

In parallel R77.30.01/.02/.03 were developed to include new Endpoint features like the mentioned above.

In the future (might be R80.20) this two development streams (R80.10 and R77.30.03) will be combined again and you will have everything available in one version. But it will likely split apart again. 

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The next Endpoint Security Management version will be released as part of R80.20. This release will support the complete Endpoint Security suite, including Capsule Docs and SandBlast Agent, that are currently available with R77.30.03 .

You may find more details on Endpoint Security releases and other news at the Endpoint Security Homepage in Support Center - sk117536.