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Infected host on guest network

So i'm going through the security checkup report and notice there are 2 infected hosts identified that were connected to our guest network.

I can't really see who they are, but it could be potentially an employee that connected to the guest network for some reason and will connect again to the corporate at some point in time.

How do you guys deal with these kind of issues, or which measures should and can i think so theses hosts don't infect other machines on the corp network?


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Guest network is segregated from our corporate networks using VLAN and use ACL's to prevent access from the Guest Subnet to our corporate business networks.  We set up Read Only AD DC and since Guest is a Wi-Fi network, we use MAC filtering and Web Auth to control how and who can log on to Guest.  Corporate PCs are blocked by GPO from joining Guest SSID.   We use a cheap Spectrum circuit for Guest internet access -- have Policy Based Routing on the Check Point GW to send it out the Spectrum circuit instead of our corporate Internet.   

Its not a perfect system but has worked well for us over the years. 

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