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Import policies and configuration to local device. Lost contact with smart console

We have decommissioned a smartconsole hardware device which was used to managed a checkpoint 2200 device. I can login in to the checkpoint 2200 device using gaia and ssh. The device is still functional and traffic has policies/bonds applied as normal. How can I make the device locally manageable using gaia portal (without connecting to smart console).

Currently I am unable to apply a policy on that firewall. 

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You cannot run standalone on a 2200 appliance, it requires a separate management server. Also, 2200 appliances have been out of support since June 2022. Please reach out to your local Check Point representative to see what kind of replacement you need.

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Locally managed without SmartConsole is not possible for appliances that run regular Gaia.
The 2200 does not have enough RAM/CPU to handle management duties in addition to passing traffic.
And, as pointed out, it’s End of Support anyway.

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