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Identity Broker Example Config Files are wrong in R80.40 IA Administration Guides

Hello Checkpoint,


we impemented today the R80.40 Identity Broker following the Identity Awareness R80.40 Administration Guide.


We had problems implementing the identity_broker.C file. After several hours of troubleshooting we finaly found the typo in the Identity Broker config exmaples provided by Checkpoint :

Example FIle:

$FWDIR/conf/identity_broker.C template file containing all the attributes is available for download here:






As you can see here the space between "sessions" and "(false)" is missing. The missing space is causing the whole identity_broker file to fail and not work at all.


Same typo can be found here:


The $FWDIR/conf/identity_broker.C file defined on Gateway #1:




Please review the Administration Guide for R80.40 and fix the typo's, otherwise other customers will also face this problem.


Kind regards

Niklas Zache


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Hi @ProxyOps 


Thanks for the feedback. We will review it.

Royi Priov
Group manager, Identity Awareness R&D
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