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Identity Awareness -custom banner text - How to create a new line ?

Hi , I am trying to create a custom text banner for captive portal (IA blade) as defined in the IA admin guide :-

under section "Changing Portal Text in SmartConsole".

Which is basically Global properties\advanced\configure button (on right) \identity awareness\Portal Texts  and changing the  specific page entry to be modified from the word  DEFAULT to the specific text you want. 

However I can't work out how to add carriage returns or new lines (what I need is for text to appear on different line as they are currently extending too far off the page to the right). You can't cut and paste text that has a carriage return in it (as the text before the carriage return is the last text that it allows).

I have tried "/n"  ,which then gets converted to '/n'     and is then displayed as actual text '/n' in the WebUi login page.   Also tried '/r/n'      and 'r'   but they are all displayed as text rather than being identified as performing a carriage return or new line function.

Does anyone know what the correct format is between the text to force it onto a different line ?

thanks for any help in advance Neal  

PS I couldn't see an Identity awareness topic heading /category so apologies if this is in wrong category of general topics. 





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I have actually found the answer. Its <br>


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