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Identity Awareness Terminal server agent (MUH) support Windows SecureBoot

Hi all,


Previously we stated that Terminal server agent (MUH) is not supported with Windows SecureBoot (sk138252).

I would like to update that the newest MUH2 agent, which was released as part of R80.40, does support SecureBoot.

You can download this agent from sk134312 (see "Terminal Server Agent v2").

Currently this agent is supported only with R80.40 Security Gateway, but we are planning to add this support also in the upcoming R80.30 JHF releases.

Royi Priov
Group manager, Identity Awareness R&D
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Great news! Will the Identity Agent also have this in the near future?

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Are there any plans to put error handling in to v1 to state it failed to load to the driver?  Having just had to wait over 4 weeks for support to ask the question "have you got secure boot turned on" to understand why there was an unsigned driver that would not load.   Some simple proactive error handling for a know issue would not go a miss here.


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