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Identity Awareness AD Username

Hi Friends,


I previously had identity awareness configured and working nicely until my AD Admin said to me the account I used to connect to AD has way too much domain rights. They then gave me an account with lower domain privileges, now my identity awareness is broken.


What AD level access username\account do I need to use to connect the gateway to AD in order to retrieve AD related information to use Identity awareness to the fullest?


In essence, my AD team is very concerned of giving me an account with admin rights to the domain. Any other level user account I use, I get the following error message "user is not a domain administrator, as such AD Query will not work. Click the back and choose another identification method."


The attached is a screenshot of the error message.


Please help...



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Employee Employee

There are SK articles such as sk104900 that describes configuration using non administrator rights.

With that said I would encourage you to investigate the Identity Collector (sk108235) further as an alternative to ADQuery moving forward.

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