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Identity Access Duplicate Sessions


A user is experiencing an intermittent connectivity problem when connecting to a remote server via RDP.

The access to the remote server is provisioned via IA.

The user is using a separate account to authenticate to the server, to the one he is logged in to his local machine with.

There are multiple entries in the log specific to the IA blade and his machine IP. Separate identical log entries exist for both accounts.

User Logout: A secondary session request was received from the same IP. This caused logout of the current session. Closed sessions: b4ce3565

Gateway version
R80.30 GA T236

For this cluster, an identity collector pointing to AD is being used as the identity source.

I have looked at sk131792 which describes the issues and the pre-R80.40 one user per IP limitation . However, the user is only using one user account to authenticate to his local workstation.

Does connecting to a remote server via RDP from the same machine IP using a separate AD user account using IA provisioned access supported on R80.30 T236?


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