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ISP redundancy Load sharing one link failure

Hi Team,

I have configure ISP redundancy > load sharing in Checkpoint r80.20. I have managed to send traffic 60% and 40% from 2 ISP links. 

If one of the ISP link (suppose 40%) goes down, does all the traffic goes via another ISP which is handling 60% traffic?

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Yes, that’s how ISP Redundancy works.


Yes, but open connections that were using the 40% ISP at time of ISP failover to the 60% ISP will be killed and have to restart.  This is because the NAT address for the connection must change upon ISP failover, and a existing connection cannot have its NAT address changed once the connection is established.

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I am not sure for R80.20, but ISP load sharing disables SecureXL to large extent (only local traffic is accelerated). Keep that in mind.