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ISP Redundancy

My device has two links, using ISP Redundancy, active / standby mode, but Standby Link can not be accessed.

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Isn't how it supposed to work?

ISP Links Redundancy

ISP Redundancy can work in one of two modes. These modes control the behavior of outgoing connections, that is, connections from clients in the internal networks towards the Internet.

Primary/Backup mode connects to an ISP through the primary link, and switches to a backup ISP if the primary ISP link fails. When the primary link is restored, new outgoing connections are assigned to it, while existing connections are maintained over the backup link until they are complete.

Or are you trying to access it from external networks?

Please decribe your situation, configuration, and issue fully and properly if you would like to get helpful responses here.

How to verify the status of ISP Redundancy links on command line