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ISP Redundancy: probe are not probed

Dear all,

I have an issue in one of my cluster. I am using ISP Redundancy on 3000 models running R80.20 with the latest HF installed. The issue is the following: 

- config is Primary/Backup

- When Primary is up, tcpdump is showing ICMP packet to and from its probed host (, I don't probe this one, it is for example) . But tcpdump does not show the traffic for ISP2 (

- When Primary is down, it is the opposite: packet are ok for isp2 ( but nothing for isp1 (

Tcpdump is defined with -i "interface", and the right one is used in the command.


Then, ISP1 does not come back to the Active state while ISP2 is up. This was the behavior in R77.30, but it should not be in R80.20.

I have checked on other location, and I have packet on both ISP link for their involved probe.

To be complete, the appliance were first installed with R77.30, upgraded to R80.20.

Didn't found anything in Checkpoint SK.

Is anyone can help ?



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Did you apply any JHF to that R80.20?
You may want to get the TAC involved.

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