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ISP Redundancy Load sharing with Static NAT Error health check

Hi everyone,

I´ve been working as Partner with Check Point products since 2015 but i´ve been fighting with ISP Redundancy Load Sharing and customers have been disagreeing about the problem that Check Point Gateway  cannot load balancing as their UTM (SD-WAN), Palo Alto (ECMP Load balancing Gateway form different ISPs) and Fortinet (SD-WAN). 


The SK say that: "ISP Redundancy feature works with a script that decides the route for different connections and not beyond. Only routing decisions are made, no NAT or IP configuration."

I've been working with Dynamic objects that contain this script until now but only primary and backup not for outbound load balancing connections. I thought that R81 will have these feature but only new NAT features like re-use all those objecst that can work as Access Rules.

I've been solving with script since 2015:


So, It has been difficult for us change those technologies with a simple feature that Check Point Gateway cannot do it.

For R81.x will add this feature at least like SD-WAN or better performance add feature from Radware Alteon ADC?

Please take it into consideration,

Best regards,


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