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ISP Redundancy Impact on CPU Utilization



Our setup is a VPN Gateway using R80.30 with Site 2 Site VPN(Route Based) and Remote Access VPN.

the gateway has configured with 4 ISP's: All 4 ISP's are used on Remote Access VPN and for S2S VPN only 1 ISP is used.


If we will use ISP Redundancy will there be significant impact on the utilization and behavior of traffic on the VPN gateway? and any limitations when using ISP Redundancy?


Any SK or previous topics will do.

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Hi @Heisenberg 

For ISP Redundancy there will no CPU utilization issues. But you need to keep that in mind that once Primary goes down then traffic will not fully failed over to secondary ISP until old connection got cleared from connection table or got reset. 

For VPN connections you need to checkbox the option in ISP redundancy .(Apply setting for VPN traffic)

It will always a good practice to keep an eye on CPU utilization during any new change. (Use FOR the same)

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