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IPsec VPN termination on Loopback interfaces -R80.40

Hi Team,

I am planning to create a loopback interfaces on my HA cluster with same Public  IP to terminate the IPsec VPN tunnels. It is required as I am having private IP address on external interface and I don't want to NAT the IP on Internet router.


1. Is that setup feasible , Shall I give the same public IP on both the members as loopback interfaces are not a part of cluster.

2. How would I choose the loopback interface IP  as an  Peer IP under Gateway Cluster properties -> IPsec VPN -> Link Selection I don't see an option to set this IP to be used as VPN peer IP for my third parties.

3. How this loopback interface  chooses physical interfaces to route its traffic 



Anshu Bathla

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