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ICYMI, a 23900 Security Appliance is Now Available

In the 23900 you get the same port capacity, Lights-Out-Management, power and disk redundancy as the 23500 and the 23800. What's new is higher performance (up to 22.7 Gbps of threat prevention throughput) from 36 cores and additional base memory to better combat Gen V attacks and inspect inside encrypted traffic as we shift to HTTPS everywhere. It's now available for purchase on the product catalog.

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It would be nice to have an SPU value for faster comparison, but it is not yet part of the specs.

BTW: If you click on "datasheet" in the product cathalog --> 23900 you will get the datasheet of 23800.

Moreover: Please update the Appliance Comparison sheet - thanks Smiley Happy 

Check Point Security Appliances Comparison | Check Point Software 

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Thanks for the product catalog catch. We'll fix that soon. Will also be adding the 23900 to the appliance comparison chart and the Appliance Sizing Tool, but that will take a little while longer.