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I cannot access the cluster and the cluster members through WebUI and through SSH- dropped by MultP

Hi Guys, hope you are doing well.

I check so many blogs and I could not get the key.

We are implementing 2 Firewalls Checkpoint SG 5600 in a Cluster with an Open Server, which is accessed by Smart Consol. We want to access the members of the cluster through  WebuI from the mgmt(internal zone) and we see in the logs that this is dropped by Multiportal Infrastructure. I changed the  https port to 4434 but it is still not accessible.

We are using GAIA 81.10 and we check a lot of documentation but we are still struggling with this, any ideas would more than welcome!  Thanks.

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Show us the exact drop log message, please

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I agree with Val, any drop message/log would be super helpful. If you keep refreshing the page when you try access the web UI, what do you see in the logs? You can also try fw ctl zdebug + drop | grep 443 when doing this, just run that from expert mode of the active firewall, as it will filter for any port 443 drops. Instead of 443, you can also type source IP you are coming from.

Hope that helps.


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