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HowTo Set Up Certificate Based VPNs with Check Point Appliances – R80.x edition

I am sure that the majority of CheckMates users sometime already stumbled upon the article "HowTo Set Up Certificate Based VPNs with Check Point Appliances - R77 edition" written by   @Danny . He is our instructor and CTO at ESC and has been working with Check Point Firewalls for almost two decades. 

With the new R80.x release an update to his great VPN article was needed. Here we go:


Securing virtual private networks (VPNs) in enterprise Site-to-Site environments is an important task for keeping the trusted network and data protected. Also it's critical to avoid any loss of data sovereignty.

When it comes to VPN security many security experts first think of encryption algorithms, perfect forward secrecy (PFS), Diffie-Hellman groups... and a long pre-shared key (PSK).

What about VPN certificates?

Every security expert knows how much better certificates are for gaining high security levels. Therefore certificates are always best practice in enterprise grade security environments.

However, most VPN Site-to-Site setups are still based on simple, long lasting pre-shared keys. In many cases these keys were even forgotten by the administrators

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