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How to update clusterXL R80.10 to R80.40

I have two 23500 appliances.
I am using R80.10 on them. A few days ago I have migrate security management 80.10 to 80.40 it is working fine.

I have read the guide but it is not enouht for me I can say I am newbie.

Actually I don't want to update gateways. I want to make a clean install.
I have Bonds, lots of interfaces in them.

I am thinking make one of my gateways passive, It will be stay R80.10 for any fail situaton.
After 80.40 works perfect I am goind to upgrade 80.10 too.
How do I do that can anyone show me the way please?

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The R80.40 upgrade guide describes what you want to do, quite precisely. Where do you struggle?

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I dont know acctually totaly.
How do I make one them passive.
How do I make a clean install one them.
Can anyone write in small titles step by step in order?

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I did a short writeup here - 

This above process is to move your cluster to new hardware, you're re-using the same hardware so I guess that makes the process a bit simpler, seeing as interface naming etc. is the same.