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How to take MTR on gaia R80.40



I need to take MTR output from checkpoint gateway. if MTR command available for checkpoint or any other command need to be used.

Thanks in advance...

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Are you asking how to perform a traceroute?

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I hadn't heard of the MTR tool before, but it appears to be similar to the pathping Windows utility I mentioned in my book.  It combines the ping and traceroute commands to pound each router along the path to a destination, and measure min/max/average transit times at each hop in an attempt to find where latency and/or packet loss are being introduced in the network path, and also measure jitter.  MTR doesn't seem to be included with Gaia 3.10, but similar to the strace utility I mentioned in my book, there is a precompiled copy of MTR you can download from here:

Not sure if you can make it work under Gaia, and be warned that adding additional software to the Gaia OS is not supported by Check Point.

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