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How to effectively migrate configuration from CP4400 R77.30 to 3100 Next Generation Threat Preventio

Right now we have CP4400 R77.30 running in production and yet to deliver a 3100 to the client. We will have to migrate the configuration from the existing appliance to this new one. 

My question is. Is it possible to do migration of running config from of this CP 4400 R77.30 to this new appliance 3100 models?. If yes then how can i do this? 

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It really depends on your experience. Its not too complicated if you have worked with CP and understand the principles.
All you need to do is print out configuration and replace interface names of needed, edition from 32 bit to 64 and possibly some more depending on existing config.
But if you are not that sure I would strongly suggest to involve Checkpoint professional services or a partner that has done it before. You can pm if you want.
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In case the 4400 appliance is standalone (management + gateway) and you want to migrate it to a standlone 3100 appliance I strongly suggest to involve TAC. We are having a case open for a standalone migration into 3100 that fails because of the limited resources of the 3100. TAC couldn't provide a working solution for over a month now.