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How to deal with 2 Providers

Our Perimeter Firewall-Cluster is connected to the Internet via Provider 1 using Provider-Assigned Public IP Addresses.

In the future, we will use our own PI-Range to connect to the Internet via BGP-attached Provider2 and Provider3.

The migration phase will last 2 years. During that time, the Firewall Cluster must be able to handle both the "old" PA-Range and the "new" PI-Range. Basically, the Firewall should provide Source based Routing for the packets leaving its external linterfaces. How good will fit the ISP-redundancy feature here. Arer there any other options to achieve our goal?

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A network diagram would be really helpful here with a little more information about what you want routed through which ISP.

That said, ISP Redundancy only supports two ISPs, so maybe you want to use Policy-Based Routing here.

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Thanks Dameon

PBR is probably the way to go. Are there any numbers on how big the performance impcat is when using PBR?

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