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Help with migrating a single gateway to cluster with new hardware

Hello there,

Hope someone can help with this request.

We have two data centers: a main data center (main-DC) and a disaster recovery data center (DR-DC). In the main-DC, we have two security gateways (6500s on R81.10) configured as a cluster. In the DR-DC, we have a single security gateway (5200). All of these gateways are managed by a management server located in the main-DC.

We are planning to move to a new DR-DC and replace the single security gateway with two 6600s configured as a cluster. The new gateways will also be managed by the management server in the main-DC.

Our question is, what is the best way to achieve this migration? Specifically, we are interested in how to import the policy from the single security gateway to the cluster security gateway.



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Since you manage all GWs from the same SMS, there is no need to import or migrate policy. Configure a new cluster in a lab, with VIPs corresponding to your single GW in the DR-DC, apply the same policy to that cluster, swap the GWs. 

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