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HA Sync 2 Error on Gateway

Hi guys,

We are getting a Sync 2 error on our monitoring systems for one of our gateways. 

In theory, that is indicative of dropped updates due to sync overloads but that is not what I've found so far as shown below:

fw ctl pstat | grep overload
dropped updates as a result of sync overload: 0

cphaprob -ia list

There are no pnotes in problem state

cphaprob -l list

Device Name: Synchronization
Registration number: 0
Timeout: none
Current state: OK
Time since last report: 1.42226e+06 sec

I followed sk34476 but I haven't had any luck so far. 

Has anybody come across this before?

Many thanks.

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Is that one specific gateway the active node ?

What is latency between both nodes (ping) ?

What is interface used for sync (speed/duplex) ?

The error occurs only during specific action (policy push, adding new VLAN, ...) ?

What /var/log/messages says ?

Paste output from following commands:

ifconfig <sync interface>

ethtool -S <sync interface>

fw ctl pstat

cphaprob syncstat

Kind regards,
Jozko Mrkvicka
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