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Gateway is stuck in a reboot cycle

Version R80.20. I have performed the increase the logical volume size for lv_current. It took two hours and after that it was rebooted. When connected console cable. it was goes reboot loop. I have selected appropriate version and boot the device still showing same.

Message display on screen as "Kernel Panic". Tried with maintenance mode still same.

Please help.

Is require factory reset the device ?

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It seems the file system became corrupt during the procedure. You can re-install your GW completely, though. 

Also, please be advised R80.20 will be out of support in September. 

sk95566 is explicit in outlining that a backup/snapshot should be performed prior to using lvm_manager in maintenance mode.

Hopefully you can restore from one of those recovery points or yes you will need to rebuild it.


I agree with @Chris_Atkinson . If it does not let you restore from previous backup/snapshot, then rebuilding it appears to be only option left.

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