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Gateway connec to Provider over Private IP

Hi All,


I should be able to connect to Provider on Private IP subnet, however I wish  Traffic reaching out to Internet or DC, should NAT to Public IP , what are NAT options to achieve this, same way need solution for traffic initiated from Internet. 

1. Can i use Loopback IP on Checkpoint with Public IP and call that IP for NAT on the interface(Private IP subnet) connecting to Provider

2. can i use two different interface (one with private IP & other with Public) and call Public IP in interface(Private IP ) connecting to Provider. 

3. Can i use Public IP with out configuring on any interface but just use " Hide behind IP" NAT option on the Interface (with Private Ip) connecting to Provider.


.Kindly advise on this






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The correct way to address this for all the scenarios above is NAT.
For VPN traffic, you will have to use Link Selection.

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