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Gaia R77.30 image( Esxi 6.5) takes longer to boot up and slow response


I have installed gaia r77.30 on Esxi 6.5 but running into the following issue

1. It takes longer to start and give me the error message attached

2. When it starts up , access to the management interface is very slow and when it does come up , it times out

What am I doing wrong and what can I fix

I never had the issue with esxi 5.5  ...

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Set the VM type to that which is consistent with ESXi 5.5.

This should restore the previous behavior.

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I have done a number of things

1. reinstall by setting to esxi 5.5. and vm version 10

2. I had to install the first time wizard via the cli

3. I was able to login via internet explorer but not with chrome and firefox

Upon login to explorer ( using windows server 2012 R2 ) , it remain for a few seconds but it times out . With chrome and firefox , I login but it brings up a blank screen..

What should I be looking at doing as my setting are

set web table-refresh-rate 15
set web session-timeout 10
set web ssl-port 443
set web ssl3-enabled on
set web daemon-enable on



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