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Force route destination in a ISP Redundancy with Load Balancer

Hi, I don't shure if name title post is completly adequate, I hope description of my problem clarify it. 

We have:

  • 01 vSec R80.40 standalone firewall. 
    02 Different ISP providers (ISP-A, ISP-B)
    Firewall has ISP redundancy enable in load balancer mode. (ISP-A weight=30, ISP-B weight=5).

Our requiremen to resolve:

We need to login into ISP B provider web portal to review payments stuff, however  ISP B web portal don't  load  when we access throught connection link ISP-A, and because ISP-A weight is greater than ISP-B weight, most of the time we get access to internet throught ISP-A link.

My fix:

I did create a route with IPaddress-ISP-WebPortal as destination and IPaddress-ISP-B-gateways as Gateway, so always we need to connect to such site, FW will route that trafficc throught ISP-B link gateway. This fix is working.

My doubts:

Is there any impact on FW performance?
Is there any impact on ISP Redundancy? I known that when ISP-B link is down, we will never get access to ISP-B web portal.
Is there any better fix practice to resolve my requirement?


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I don't believe this has a significant performance impact.
It used to be that ISP Redundancy disabled SecureXL, but I don't believe that's the case any longer.

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