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File Integrity Monitoring

Does Check Point allow running 3rd party File Integrity Monitoring tools on GAiA?

Many moons ago I ran Tripwire on our Solaris FW1 firewalls. The reason: monitor any changes to critical system files, when multiple users have access to a system it allows critical files to be monitored for changes. I'd like to do the same for GAiA appliances, right now I'm limited to comparing the contents of files in backups.

Seems the question has already been asked of Tripwire, but the answer is not what I'm looking for. My question is does Check Point support the installation of such a product on a device or is this considered unsupported?

It would be great if we could detect changes to say /etc/fw.boot/boot.conf as we've recently seen changes to CoreXL configurations on gateways that were not authorised by humans...

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Officially, no, we do not support installing third party software on Gaia OS.
That said, it can be done.