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Enable MVC During Cluster Upgrade

Hi. We're going to be upgrading our 2 gateway cluster from R80.30 to R80.40 and I see that enabling MVC is recommended during this process. I'm not completely sure where it fits into the process - please can someone verify if the process below is correct or not? Thanks very much.


1) Upgrade backup gateway to R80.40

2) Install access control policy (unchecking the cluster install fail check box) 

3) Enable MVC on the upgraded gateway?

4) Check cluster status to confirm 'Active(!)' status on upgraded gateway and 'Standby' status on other gateway

5) Failover to the upgraded gateway

6) Upgrade the older R80.30 gateway

7) Install the access control and threat prevention policies (tick the cluster install fail check box)

😎 Disable MVC on the gateway that was upgraded first?



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