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Editing a routemap line for BGP

Hi team, 

I have a client who is expanding their current /16 network to a /15 and now I need to edit the existing routemap. What I need to know is the correct command syntax to remove only one individual line from the routemap, and when will the change take effect in BGP. 

The existing line "set routemap from_vendor id 10 match network all" needs to be changed to match network My assumption is I should be able to just enter the command "set routemap from_vendor id 10 match network all" to add the new line, but how to I remove the old /16 without having to remove the whole routemap. 

Once I have made the change when will BGP re-read the routemap to start accepting routes in the /15 range? I am hoping to do this without a disruption to service if possible.

Thanks for your help


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I have found the first part

set routemap from_vendor id 10 match network all

set routemap from_vendor id 10 match network off

That will add the /15 before removing the /16 however I don't know when it will actually become active. When is the routemap actually checked? 

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