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Does html links inside mail gets emulated as well?

Hi Team,

With R80.30 acting as a MTA with TE/TEX blade activated wondering if links inside mail gets emulated as well? Or those are just scanned with reputation?

I guess with R80.40 Anti-phishing functionality Click-To-URL Threat Emulation does emulate hyper or http link inside mail but not with R80.30.

Is my assumption wrong?

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Perhaps this might help?

The following option exists in both R80.30 and R80.40:
Security Polices > Threat Prevention > Threat Tools > Profiles

Mail - General.jpg




Yeah however my query was if those links inside email gets emulated to decide the verdict or those are being decided with reputation with Check Point database?


Please refer to sk123174 for the common MTA features between these versions, some first released in R80.40 then made available in subsequent MTA updates for earlier versions.


Okies- And what if certain links or mail contains links are passed through TE/TEX? How do we troubleshoot that? I see one solutions is look for UUID in mtad.elg and ted.elg.

What the best logs to look in this case?