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Disabling Blades for Ingoing traffic

Hello everyone,


I have 2 security gateways with multiple interfaces with public IPs that are part of our internal network (we have a /22 of public IPs, we have an ASN). I don't know if this is related, but the URL Filtering functionality is controlling the traffic coming from the internet.
All my internal network interfaces are configured as "this network" and only the external network interface is configured as "External".
Could you help me with this?







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You almost certainly have the object "Any" being utilized in the source/destination of rules invoking applications and/or categories.  Check all of these rules, the source should be your internal networks, and the destination in all these rules should be object "Internet".  Even having one rule with applications/categories and an Any in either source and/or destination can cause the effect you are observing.

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