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Disable DHCP handing out IPV6 addresses..



Struggling with this one.


IPV6 is enabled on the CP gateway as it needs to obtain an IPV6 address from the ISP.


I also have DHCP enabled on the CP to hand out IPV4 addresses to clients. This works fine.


With IPV6 being enabled on the system however, its also handing out IPV6 addresses which is causing an issue.


Google and Internet leads me that there should be dhcp6 config files under /etc/dhcp but there isnt on the CP.


Simply, how can I disable IPV6 dhcp server - so it only hands out IPV4?! 


@Timothy_Hall  or @HeikoAnkenbrand - I am sure you have posted something about this before? I cant find the post so maybe I am making this up... 

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I’m pretty sure the DHCP server only hands out IPv4 addresses.
Also by default, IPv6 doesn’t use DHCP and I’m pretty sure it would be a different daemon (with a different configuration) than the one we use for IPv4.

IPv6 generally auto-configures with SLAAC which we do support (it’s required for IPv6).
Router Discovery generally communicates the fact a default route exists.


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