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Deploying Check Point 1430 DSL Devices using Blink

Good Afternoon,

We are coming to the end of a PoC for the replacement of out Juniper SSG5 estate.  These are used for small remote sites some of which are connected via MPLS others via DSL circuits to the internet and then a VPN Tunnel.

Our main firewall estate is Check Point with the exception of these 26 sites which are SSG5's on the MPLS and Cisco 887's on the DSL sites. I wanted to have one product to cover both MPLS and DSL sites and the PoC contained CheckPoint 1430, Juniper SRX 320 and Fortinet 60E. Coming to the end of the PoC and Check Point is currently our favourite but I'm now looking at the ease of rolling these devices out into the field and also for an RMA process.

I've looked at Blink, CDT and Zero Touch. I believe for us the Blink would be the best option as Zero Touch wouldn't work for the DSL and CDT would require more hands on than Blink.  For MPLS Blink is fine but does anybody know if you are able to configure the DSL interface and credentials for the DSL service in the answer file? The VPN isn't an issue as we can present the management server to the DSL devices on the internet with a policy restricting the source of traffic just to the DSL static IP's.

I've looked at sk120193 and that doesn't have an awful lot that is configurable, is there a more detailed document that anybody knows of or is Blink limited in what can be entered into the answer file.



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