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Dell R740 on HCL

Dell R730's are getting hard to come by and there is a new R740 in it's place.

Anyone running GAIA on a R740 yet?  Any gotcha's other than not being on the HCL?

Anyone know when and if the R740 will be added to the HCL.

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I wouldn't expect much in the way of additions to the HCL until after the release of R80.20 with a newer Linux kernel.

I recommend checking out the public EA and providing your feedback: Check Point R80.20 Production and Public EA

If this is for a gateway, you'll need to get involved with the private EA as the public EA for R80.20 does not yet include the new kernel: R80.20 EA for Gateway with Linux 3.10 Kernel Coming Soon

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HCL is updated with Dell R740, would be great if there would be RSS or some revision history..

PowerEdge R740 | Check Point Software 

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