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Deleting VSX interfaces from MDS with a script


Our environment is R80.20 MDS management with Multiple R77.30 VSX gateways. We have a requirement to migrate the current VSX gateways to another fabric. This is a carefully orchestrated change control - however removing the gateways via smart console is a slow clunky task. Compared to none VSX gateways where we can script the usual 'ifconfig ethx.x down' (not supported in VSX) or interface state off in Gaia. 

The VSX config for interface changes is pushed down from the MDS server in our case, so my question is - Can this configuration be scripted via the API interface? This would make the process much smoother for me and leave much less room for error... 



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I believe you can do this with the vsx_provisioning_tool (not via API, unless you count using run-script).

Hi thanks for your reply.

Yes I have been testing the vsx_provisioning_tool, which works ok and is my 'plan b' if the API method has no legs. 

The only issue i found with the provisioning tool is when adding the password into the syntax it fails the transaction due to some characters in the password.  


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