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Decryption failure: decrypted and user methods are not identical (vpn error code 02)

What does the error code 2 refer to, I have all the users connecting through securemote vpn, but the ones that have services with a specific ISP are having their connection dropped, the others that have services with other ISPs are working relatively well since they have latency in their browsing.

The browsing is local, not through the gateway.

Previously we had mobile access, but due to licensing issues it only allows 5 users, so we decided to connect through securemote since it is the free vpn client.

It is noticeable latency in navigation, for example name resolution is delayed, is this because it is a free vpn connection option?

Will having round-robin active in the dns server also have any effect on the ulr that connects the vpn in securemote to load 1 of the 2 configured ip's?


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Possibly dns issue, make sure users get right DNS when connected. I also found below, but not sure it might be applicable to you.


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