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DLP Feature on Quantum Gateway R81

Hi Checkmates,

Currently my customer have a question about DLP on CP. They have requirement DLP solution can detect :

  1. Contain Some Customer Information, like : "Google Workspace", ID Numbers (they have unique ID Number)
  2. Contain Mobile Phone Numbers (+1) xxx xxxxx
  3. OCR feature?

Is it possible to cover by CP DLP?

And also they asked to me about differentiators between CP DLP with other competitors..


Kindly help answer my question.. Thanks in Advance 🙂

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We have two "features" that can be useful here: the actual DLP blade we have, which requires specific purchase, and Content Awareness, which has a subset of features and is included with NGFW/NGTX/NGTP blade packages.
OCR is not covered by either of those features, but the other two features should be covered.

In terms of competitive information, it's best to reach out to your local Check Point SE for this.
Knowing the customer's precise requirements will be exceptionally helpful. 

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