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DHCP over S2S

Hi Checkmates,


can a DHCP traffic works on site to site vpn?

Scenario : i have a remote set up with few devices configured over site to site connectivity with corporate office

we have a DHCP server configured  at corporate office. 

challenge : we are not able to get DHCP ip to my remote set up devices from the DHCP server which is configured at corp office ( S2Sconnectivity )

As per my knowledge  DHCP traffic can not be sent over s2s vpn due to restriction of broad cast traffic over vpn.

Is it really possible to get DHCP over s2s vpn?

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This should not be an issue. Did you configure dhcp-relay on the remote side ?  

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Did you manage to get get DHCP relay working over S2S?  I've just setup a remote site and struggling with DHCP relaying?

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