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Current real world stabalized gw recommended version?


We are enterprise with tens of GWs running different blades. Some run ngtx. We going to do upgrade to all our gws which currently running r80.30 and some r80.40

I know the official recommended version. But we usually wait to be on the safe side. Until version is deployed at enough enterprices without special issues and until version stabalized and gets enough jumbo fixes to fix bugs discovered.

So my question is which version now you would say suite for the above?


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Less pain will be getting all GWs to R80.40 first, as R80.30 has support until September 2022 only, R80.40 until January 2024. If you need features or have bugs that are only available/fixed in a higher version, upgrade is also suggested.

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A few months ago I would agree with "G_W_Albrecht" but we are currently running R81.10 on three Clusters with different blades enabled (1x only FW + IPS and two with the full NGTP Suite with HTTPS Inspection) and other than a small issue with the accelerated policy install not working on one Cluster with Security Zones everything runs rock solid for around two months now. 

Another thing is that monitoring VPN status via SNMP or SmartView is broken and CP is unable to fix that currently (3 private Fixes without success). 


There is a very good reason for Check Point to announce R81.10 as the default recommended version. This announcement is based on our vast data collected from the field through several months. It is based on adoption rates, as well as on the volume of known issues.

However, if you want to be VERY conservative, the second best choice fro you would be R81 with the latest GA Jumbo. 


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