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Create additional external IP

Hi all,

we need to add another Public/External IP Adress from our ISP.

We have the following network from our ISP x.x.x.150/28

.151 - ISP Gateway

.152 - cfw1

.153 - cfw2

.154 - virtual IP of the cluster (Configured on the cluster as virtual ip, cfw1/2 are the members with the IPs .152/.153)

.156 - gaia /sc

.159 - we want to use

We want to use .159 for a new service but i cannot find any option to add a virtual IP. We have already created host objects with the specific ip and created the security and nat rules. But we don't find any option do add the virtual ip.

I searched already the knowledge base and dis forum but without success. 

I hope someone can help.


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There's a couple of ways to do this - using object NAT to automatically create the NAT rules is probably the easiest.  Try the following:

  1. Double-click the object hosting your service and select NAT.

  2. Select Add Automatic Address Translation Rules.

  3. In Translation method, select Static.

  4. Select Hide behind IP Address and enter x.x.x.159

  5. Click OK.

This will create the Static NAT rule which will make the gateway listen on x.x.x.159.  You'll also need to create a firewall rule which allows the traffic.

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