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Configure OSPF in ECMP Environment

Hello Checkmates,

I have an issue working out how to configure OSPF in my environment. I have a ClusterXL pair of 6500 Gateways E80.40. I want to connect them to a pair of backbone switches which use OSPF to route between them and to the rest of the network using ECMP paths from each Backbone. From what I can tell OSPF routing in a ClusterXL environment is dependent on the VIP of the interfaces. However, each interface in my environment would sit in a different subnet, one subnet for each interface that connects to each backbone. It is unclear whether such an environment is supported, or how I go about configuring the interfaces and VIP. Any ideas?

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If you cannot mesh the interfaces using bonds you can explore the following option using Cluster XL:

Alternately the firewalls could be deployed not in a clustered arrangement but you would need to manage the risk of asynchronous traffic / lack of state syncronization / fail over via routing.

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