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ClusterXL HA, CCP and Bonding

Hi team,

I have a strange behaviour and I need you help.

A ClusterXL HA in R80.10 with multicast mode. We uses bonding interface.


Due to a network issue, on the interface « bond5.4 » , each member stops receiving Cluster Control Protocol (CCP) from each other…and this is not a CheckPoint issue (We ran « tcpdump -nei bond5.4 port 8116» from each member)


But, from the command « cphaprob -a -if » doesn’t report any issue with this the interface « bond5.4 », is it normal ?

I have attache a screenshot with the results of the commands « cphaconf show_bond » and « cphaprob -a -if »


In advance, thank for your help

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In terms not failing over, yes, since both interfaces have the same state (not seeing CCP on same interface).
Did you see CCP packets from the cluster member itself when you did tcpdump?
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