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Cluster xl with bgp multihome

Hi , 

Supposed  I have 2 gateways  active passive cluster  , and need to connect 2 different isp with bgp having my own as 

How can I keep my external ip reachable  from all interfaces ? (Loobback) reachable  from both interfaces ? 

What is best practice to implement this scenario  

Thank you 

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If the external IP is the VIP is it part of a /24 network or similar that you have control over? 

Otherwise the use of Loopbacks with Dynamic Routing in ClusterXL environments needs version R81.10

Things like grace-full restart are recommend here along with the appropriate routing policy to advertise routes to both ISPs.


Refer also: sk103047sk95967 | sk100499 


If the ISP were the same the configuration would vary some per:


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Hi Chris !

Yes the ip of the vip is my real ip but still the vip is on port 1 on both machines  , I ask can I create vip with my external  address so it can be reached  from all interfaces ? 

Like a loopback vip or something?

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