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Cluster XL - Gateway's are not showing up when do add cluster members.

Hi All,

Good Day.

I have a environment, where there are 2 R77.30 gateway's and 1 R80.10 Management server. Both Gateway's are managed by R80.10 Management server. Now there is a requirement to make cluster of 2 gateways in active/standby mode. I enabled cluster through cpconfig on both gateway's. Now i create a cluster object through smart console, provide cluster IP and then move to add cluster members. But when i choose existing gateway's, no gateway's appear in this new application window. If i select new cluster member and add details then i get error, object already exists.

Kindly guide if we can make a cluster through this approach or what is the best way to configure cluster for the gateway's already live in environment.


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I would open a TAC case on this as this does not sound like appropriate behavior.


First of all, make sure you use the latest version of the SmartConsole, build 56.

Recently I had problems the other way around, I had a cluster and wanted to remove member, without deleting them, there was no option to be found fir this either.

My taking is that this functionality is just not properly added into the SmartConsole like some other missing functions that were available before.

Regards, Maarten



I am facing a similar challenge as well. my management is R80.10 and i have two gateways of R77.30. i created a cluster but and somehow managed to add the GWs. i cannot install policy on the GWs (of course using the cluster object) and it appears to me that the cluster is not setup properly. now I want to delete the GWs before I can delete the cluster object but when i open the cluster object i cannot see the GWs even though they are appearing under the cluster image.

any idea what could be the issue?

Thanks in advance


As I recommended above: TAC case.
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I had the opposite situation, there was no cluster members in the menu, but in SmartConsole the gateways appeared as part of a cluster. I fixed it by manually edit the object with GuiDB.
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