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Cloudflare & Cloudguard Routing

Hi CheckMates,


I have a Cloudflare Proxy and Azure Cloud VMs and i want to put CloudGuard Network in Cluster in Between Cloudflare and Azure Cloud VMs


The Traffic flow is External User > Cloudflare > Converted to these IP ranges > go straight to my Azure Cloud VMs

Now I will introduce Cloudguard Instances in between Cloudflare and Azure VMs but there is a challenge in routing back to cloudflare since I only need 3 External IP address (FW1, FW2 and Virtual IP) but i dont have a default route going to Cloudflare.

From CloudGuard going to Azure Cloud VMs i can reach them but im not sure how to route the traffic back to Cloudflare

Can someone help me with this setup? 


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Employee Employee

Were your Azure VMs routing out via an Azure NAT gateway or similar before?

Depending on the topology created you will likely need to configure a similar egress routing table for Cloudguard.

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