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Cloning group mode



I have few questions regarding the cloning group process for two R80.20 Security Gateways, membersof the same cluster, using the ClusterXL solution. The gateways have to share all their feature except the ARP settings. 


The thing is, when I want to create a cloning group, I can either choose the mode ( create it manually or following the ClusterXL).

If  I select to follow the ClusterXL mode, I can't select shared features at the final step. It goes directly to "synchronizing" state. 

But if I select to create the cloning group manually ( choosing IP and Interface for peering) then I have the shared features at the end...What's the proper way to set a customized cloning group when you're using ClusterXL solution ? 

By the way, I was wondering how the features are exchanged between gateway when there is a conflict ( same route different destination etc...)  ?


Thanks in advance, 



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